The Reading Room

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I am a big fan of niches.

Not blogging niches, but places in real life where you can go and be at ease. I guess you could also call it a nook.

For me, these are usually places where I can go to write comfortably without being disturbed.

Home is not one of these places; at least, not usually. I can use my room or the sitting room to put pen to paper for hours on end but after a week or so I get tired of it. Plus, it’s where my family convenes. And when my nephew comes over there isn’t a chance I’ll be able to focus. Even if I lock myself in my room, he’ll strut over and bang on the door, “Uncle Yitzchak!” And then when I give in and let him inside he just smiles and looks around, “Hi Uncle Yitzchak.”

Cafe’s are much better. Sure, they’re always full of people and their music can sometimes be too loud, but for whatever reason it always fits as my creative space. Need to get out of the house? Go to a cafe. I think my biggest problem is that there are so many to choose from in Columbus, and each is pretty distinct from the other, having their own flavor and style. Even the customers who frequent the place effect the atmosphere. Of course, if that’s my only problem, there isn’t really a problem (or is there?)

But after acquiring my new electric bike, it’s been easier to go further than I would normally.

This has given me frequent access to what I’m calling The Reading Room:


My last few featured images have all come from this room, though I’m not sure I do them justice. I’m not really a photographer, nor do I have a high quality camera. I wish I could convey how beautiful it is here.

Since school is out, it’s almost always empty. Open space and the high ceiling allow for great acoustics, so when I play the album ‘And We Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness,’ I get chills. The cellos and violins and piano all reverberate against and off the walls, instilling a sense of vibrancy. The color pallet is wood, sky-blue, and off-white, so when I look outside and see those same colors in that same order, I can’t help but relax. It just feels right, like a curious symmetry.

It may only last until mid-august, but until then, I’m going to relish this place of solemnity.

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