About Me









My name is Yitzchak Benjamin Young. Or you can call me Isaac. Same name, different language.


I’m a Blasian man in America who took a leap by choosing to not go to college and instead live my dreams. How’s that panning out, you ask? Keep in touch and you’ll find out.


If this were our first meeting, our talk would probably lead to, “What do you do?”


Good question.


I’m passionate about writing (so this guy ditched college to be a writer?!), but I don’t just write. I enjoy playing music (ditched it for music?!), but I’m not just a musician.


One of the first things people do when starting a blog is they latch onto a particular niche. Except, people rarely do just one thing, or have one skill. We’re diverse. We’re varied. My life is filled with a wide range of focuses, but they do tend to revolve around stories.


A Story Blog is a deposite of expression through different modes. Here you’ll find fiction, poetry, music, and interviews, among other things.